Quadrion helps healthcare major achieve technology consolidation and cost savings by Mobile Device Management (MDM) migration to Intune

  Industry: Healthcare

  Employees: 25,000 to 30,000

  Revenue Range: $2.8 Billion

About the Client

The client is a reputed not-for-profit healthcare service provider in the USA. With a team of 17,000 professionals and 4800 affiliated physicians, it operates seven reputed hospitals that provide extended healthcare services. The Client operates in New Jersey, supporting 11 counties and 4.9 million people and focusses on easy access and affordability of healthcare services


The client, a reputed healthcare provider had strategic cost and platform constraints with using its existing Mobile device management platform – AirWatch -for over 5000 corporate devices. Working with Quadrion, they had recently started using Office 365 E5 license for their enterprise needs, as a part of software infrastructure revamp strategy.

The client saw an opportunity to leverage the MDM capability available in Office 365 for simplifying the technology landscape, reducing technology footprints and saving on incurring additional licensing costs to AirWatch.

Confident on the technical expertise and customercentric approach, client once again trusted Quadrion for this business-critical MDM migration to the Intune platform, for a cost and value driven advantage.


Quadrion evaluated the client’s existing MDM platform, and initiated the complex migration from AirWatch to Intune, to address client’s business challenges. Quadrion deployed accelerators and tools to expedite migration speed and deliver enriched user experience.


The Migration activity was successfully carried out for over 5000 corporate devices. This helped the client achieve technology consolidation under the Microsoft platform, thereby positively impacting the total cost of ownership. It also provided a sustainable MDM solution to cater to the client’s current and future needs.


  • After migrating to the Microsoft platform, the client reported savings of over 30% in TCO arising from the elimination of the AirWatch licensing fees it was earlier incurring.
  • The migration consolidated the technology platform and decreased the third-party technology footprint.
  • The migration streamlined the support by Help Desk and made use of in-house talent pool.
  • Migration did away with the need for two separate Device-IDs into a single Azure ID
  • Delivered better ROI for Office 365 platform integration.

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