Quadrion executes customer application migration to Azure and provides continued support and maintenance for efficient, cost effective operations

  Industry: Beauty and Skin Care

  Location: California, USA

  Employees: 1001 – 5000

  Revenue Range: USD $945 Million

About the Client

The Client is a direct sales marketer of beauty and skin-care products. Launched in 1956 in the US, the company has over 700 products which it markets through operations in 18 countries. It has over 550,000 consultants in its network of direct sales executives.


The Client was looking to elevate the quality, reliability, and efficiency of its operations. They sought to achieve this by deploying the Artwork Management System (AMS) to Azure followed by enhanced monitoring, support, and maintenance of
its AMS application.

Post deployment, the client looked at retaining certain controls such as admissions and option to add IaaS and PaaS, with themselves. On the support and maintenance side, they expected complete end-to-end services from a provider.

On the Azure environment front, Clients asks included

  • Client-owned Azure Subscription with administrative permissions to the Azure Tenant
  • Option to add additional IaaS and PaaS services, outside of the AMS environment

On the AMS application maintenance and support related requirements, the client defined specific SLAs through a Support Agreement.

These covered:

  • Support for one Development and one Production AMS Environment
  • Support for minor application enhancements
  • Troubleshooting activities
  • Standard maintenance and support activities


Based on a detailed evaluation, the team at Quadrion allocated a skilled team with strong technical competence to address the situation and provide a solution that would resolve the issues the client was facing.


Quadrion’s took advantage of their position as a Microsoft certified Cloud Solution Provider to acquire an Azure subscription for the client.

Quadrion also assigned a team of experts including a Managed Services Lead, Azure Engineer, MVC .NET Developer and SQL Engineer to carry out the task needed to deploy the client application on Azure and follow it up with ongoing support and


The solution was hosted within Microsoft Azure with SQL Azure, Table and Blob storage and Azure web Application. Among the benefits accruing to the client are –

  • Flexibility for the client to add IaaS and PaaS services outside the AMS environment
  • Savings on Azure services costs with its inclusion in managed services
  • Control on adding/managing/Administrative permissions to Tenant retained with client
  • Complete support on troubleshooting issues and deployment/maintenance windows to support production updates
  • Backups and general backup and restore support by Quadrion
  • Application monitoring and health checks with weekly regression testing – testing workflows and services
  • View into functions with analytic reports with Monthly Utilization Reports
  • Monthly monitoring and updates on current usage and future requirements

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