Azure DevOps


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Azure DevOps is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that offers an end-to-end toolchain for application development and deployment. It supports various languages and platforms, CI/CD integration, and a host of other features that help in custom application development.

Azure DevOps provides a collection of services for planning, monitoring, developing, building, testing, and deployment, covering the custom applications development life cycle.

Azure DevOps Tools

Azure Test Plans

Azure test plans help you easily test and rectify your applications, with built-in manual and automated testing tools.

Azure Pipelines

Integrated CI/CD for any platform, language and operating model help in supporting Kubernetes or containers for your applications.

Azure Repos

Azure Repos help you create repositories in GIT, with code reviews, semantic code searching features and pull requests.

Azure Boards

Azure Boards provides configurable planning Kanban tools for planning and monitoring your tasks. They help in easy visualization and reporting, making it useful for traceability.

Azure Artifacts

Azure Artifacts help in integrated package management using Maven, NuGet, NPM and other packages from public and private sources. It also enables easy creation, hosting, and sharing of packages.

Azure Marketplace

The Azure DevOps Marketplace features extensions that can be used for a wide range of requirements, right from feature addition, data connectivity, and integrating with third-party apps.

What Quadrion offers?

Azure DevOps implementation is a daunting task for businesses looking forward to achieving digital transformation. We at Quadrion-A Microsoft Gold partner, help in envisioning, implementing, and training your team with custom Azure DevOps solutions that seamlessly integrate with your custom business requirements.

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