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Micosoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-hosted version of Office 365. It offers a complete range of Apps for use in office environments.

Apart from having the core features of Office 365, it also helps in collaborative working, file sharing, automating workflows, creating Business Intelligence applications, and much more.

Successor to the Microsoft Office Suite, the Microsoft 365 Suite comes with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams and many more apps for various business operations.

Why is it essential for your business?

Collaborative Mobile Platform

For day-to-day operations, all businesses primarily require a word processor, an e-mail application, spreadsheets, and a presentation application. As the enterprise workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, the changing business needs dictate access from any device, anytime and anywhere.

To cater to the dynamic needs of enterprise usage, Microsoft 365 comes with a collaborative mobile platform that can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Collaborative Mobile Platform
Inside Risk Management

Inside Risk Management

The insider risk management feature in Microsoft 365 is a compliance solution. It uses AI to secure the enterprise data against unauthorized usage, protect sensitive data, and safeguard against malicious attacks. In addition, it helps in identifying and detecting risks and takes action to address them.

Insider Risk Management also allows risk identification by defining policies that are risk indicators and helps in mitigating them.

Mobile Device Management

Microsoft 365 has a built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution. Called Intune, it safeguards your enterprise data and access points.

It includes complete management of company owned as well as user devices. Intune helps in enterprise data protection by specifying access policies and controlling how users access data from their devices.

Mobile Device Management
Extensive Apps

Extensive Apps

Apart from basic Apps for day-to-day usage, the Microsoft 365 Suite includes SharePoint, One-Drive, Power BI, Power Apps, as well as Microsoft Teams for remote working and communication.

What Quadrion offers?

Quadrion- A Microsoft Gold partner offers a comprehensive set of solutions for Microsoft 365. This includes assessment of your current requirements, choice of version, development of custom Applications, deploying and managing the Microsoft 365 Suite. Choose us as a Microsoft 365 implementation partner to get the best value driven advantage in using Microsoft 365.

Whether you are just starting or moving existing systems to Microsoft 365, Quadrion has the processes, tools, and experience to get your Microsoft 365 Apps and services to the cloud, with a right choice of Microsoft 365 packages.

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