Microsoft Project and Project Online


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Microsoft Project is designed for businesses and projects of all sizes.

The Project Management Solution features an ability to schedule projects, define and assign tasks, and track progress.

The suite helps in comprehensive project management for better administration, communication, and collaboration.

Microsoft Project 2021 and Microsoft Project 2019 versions can help you improve operational excellence with a cost and value driven advantage

Microsoft Project has three applications, varying based on the type of the deployment model

Project for the Web

Microsoft Project for the web is a cloud-based solution that can be used by project managers and team members. It is built on the Microsoft power platform and uses the Microsoft Data verse for storing the data.

Project Online

Project Online is an online solution that includes the capabilities of Project Portfolio Management (PPM). It enables comprehensive project planning and managing projects and project portfolio investment across any device and anytime.

Project Online is built on the SharePoint platform, with the data being stored in SharePoint data source. It enables updating tasks, issues, timesheets, along with sharing and collaboration of documents.

Project Online Desktop Client

The Project Online Desktop client can be used as a standalone application or can be connected to project online. It helps in scheduling projects, resource management and has embedded reporting capabilities.

Key Features of Microsoft Project

Diverse Project

Microsoft Project supports diverse projects, ranging from simple and linear projects to advanced project types such as Scrum, Kanban, and hybrid types.


Microsoft Project allows multiple views and customizations for the dashboard. It enables choosing from various views for the dashboard, such as Kanban and Gaant chart views.


Advanced reporting capabilities allow users to create custom report structures and elements with easy selections.

Support for
Multiple Languages

Azure Applications can be developed in various programming languages such as ASP, Java, PHP, Python, and many others, with a flexibility to run them in a container model.


The Azure platform provides 99.95% availability, ensuring that your applications are always available for usage. They can be hosted across various locations, within the Microsoft global data center infrastructure.


Azure integrates with Visual Studio, along with numerous SaaS applications such as Dropbox, Office 365, Salesforce and many more, giving you the perfect synchrony with your existing technology landscape.

What Quadrion offers?

Quadrion, a Microsoft Gold Partner, offers custom Application development solutions for the Azure platform, designed for optimal performance, security, and scalability.

Our Azure application development services are designed to automate manual workflows and modernize your legacy applications with new processes that are in tune with your operational requirements.

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