Power BI


Pharma Major Experiences Sales Surge and Revenue Boost Post Migration to Quadrion’s Custom-built Platform

Get better insights from your current analytics platform. Help users make informed decisions in a simple and easy way.

If you are struck with a legacy solution that doesn’t let you do all this, consider transitioning to Microsoft Power BI. Its incisive data insights will transform your business and propel your growth.

Next-Gen Analytics tool that simplifies usage

What can Power BI do for your Business


Build insightful dashboards and visualizations from a wide range of data sources using the self-service capabilities of Power BI.


Transform complex data models into simple and insightful dashboards and reports with built-in data shaping, modelling, and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.


Integrate with a vast range of data sources-from Excel spreadsheets to on-prem and cloud-based databases and applications.


Instantly share reports with your team through emails, text messages and effectively engage your customers and colleagues.

Self-Service Model

Easy to build and deploy, the self-service capabilities of Power BI help you build complex dashboards quickly and effectively and query the data using your natural language.

Serve Real-Time Analytics

Get on time and instant analytics that help you take accurate business decisions from insightful data models with user-defined alerts.

Access Anywhere

Access reports and dashboards from just anywhere-be it a computer, Smartphone, or a Tablet, and get instant analytics.

The Services we offer

Power BI Development

Create custom enterprise applications with embedded data models and BI features by leveraging the SDK Libraries and APIs in Power BI.

Power BI Advanced Analytics

Leverage the power of predictive analysis, R integration, Data visualization and analysis with our Power BI Advanced Analytics solutions.

Microsoft Reporting

Get comprehensive reporting services to create, manage, and distribute reports and KPIs with added BI features and included charts, maps, and visualizations.

Report Modernization

Modernize your existing reports with advanced analytics, visualizations and integrate them with any data source, and create interactive, graphical, or free-form reports that enable easy data visualization.

What Quadrion offers?

Our Power BI and Analytics solutions meet your dedicated business goals with seamless integration across all channels. They give you the needed data insights for your business growth while yielding higher ROI.

If you are looking for a right technology partner for your Microsoft Power BI and Analytics solutions, Quadrion can help you meet your business needs and give you the perfect solution for your custom needs.

Contact us for more information on how we can add value to your business and give you the perfect BI derived advantage.

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