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The Microsoft Power Platform is a comprehensive suite of applications designed to enable businesses to track, automate, manage, and derive intelligent analytic insights from their operational processes.

It enables the creation of custom Apps and intelligent Chatbots for a wide range of business requirements.

Ideal platform for replacing legacy systems in your Business and enhancing your existing technology stack

The Power Platform suite components

Power BI
Power BI
Power Automate
Power Apps
Power Virtual Agents
Power Virtual Agents

Why Power Platform?

The Power Platform suite integrates with a wide range of data sources and applications and helps you accelerate your pace towards business transformation by achieving cost and resource savings.

Extended Integration

The Power Platform suite integrates with Office 365, Dynamics 365, the Azure platform, and hundreds of various Apps, giving you a vast set of features that can be easily deployed for custom requirements.

Improved Analytics

Power BI’s data analytics features help create intuitive self-service dashboards, enabling users to analyze data as per custom requirements and easily share it within the organization.

Data Integrity

Applications developed on the Power Platform ensure the integrity and accuracy of your data, as the scope for errors is reduced when compared to due to manual usage of applications.

Automated Processed using AI & ML

Power Platform uses AI and ML technologies to create automated applications and intelligent Chatbots that give you savings in time and resource utilization.

Enterprise-grade Data Security

Power Platform uses Transparent Data Security (TDE), powered by SQL Server, to securely encrypt your Business data, and prevent unauthorized usage.

What Quadrion offers?

A Microsoft certified gold partner can help you meet your custom analytics, App development, and automation requirements by leveraging the complete features of the Power Platform suite.

We have vast experience in developing agile Microsoft solutions across different verticals, backed by our team of certified expert developers, which gives you the perfect cost and value advantage.

If you require a reliable technology partner for your custom Power Platform requirements, Quadrion can enable your Business with the perfect technology solutions for sustenance and growth.

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