SharePoint, One Drive & Microsoft Teams

SharePoint, One Drive & Microsoft Teams

Share, Organize, and Discover Information with Microsoft


A sophisticated content management system and intranet, SharePoint has proved to be crucial to organizations that rely on critical information sharing and transparency.

Let Quadrion’s experience help you enhance the efficiency and reliability of your organization through the implementation of SharePoint.

Design & Deploy

Looking to implement SharePoint Server 2016? Quadrion has been a member of the SharePoint 2016 TAP program and has the experience and expertise to Design and Implement your On-Premise Farm and configure your Hybrid Environment.


SharePoint’s Web Content and Document Management features solidify it as a prime candidate for all your portal needs; Intranets, Extranets, and Internets. With Quadrion’s portfolio of portal solutions developed, this could be your portal to the future!

Document Management

With key features like Check In/Check Out, Version History, Doc ID Services, Document Sets, Record Centers, and Managed Metadata; SharePoint is a robust platform to implement your Document Management System on.

Quadrion can help you define your governance, document control process, and workflows to drive compliance.

System Integration

Leveraging SharePoint as your portal is an easy decision. However, once the adoption of the platform has been successful, business users will want to enhance the portal’s capabilities. That includes integration with ERP, CRM and other Line of Business Systems.

With Business Connectivity Services as a framework for these integration points, let Quadrion design a complete solution!

Custom Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint is a technology platform. This platform allows the business to develop Rich Business Solutions that drive real business automation. Robust Forms and Workflows along with a rich Client-Side Object Model allow technologists to implement complex business solutions, while utilizing the features and functional presented Out of the Box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Microsoft Power platform is built on the Common Data Service for Apps, and consists of PowerApps, Power BI and Power Automate. Using Power Automate, you can automate repetitive business tasks by creating automated workflows. An example would be Creating a SharePoint Online approval workflow with multiple Approvers for a purchase or invoicing system. PowerApps let you build a wide variety of Apps for business needs. Power BI is a business intelligence platform used to build informative reports and dashboard and publish them.
We offer SharePoint Online app development services for a variety of business needs, and develop SharePoint Hosted App and the Cloud-Hosted App.

If you are having a workflow that requires multiple levels of approval, you can it in SharePoint. The Approval process using Microsoft Power Automate and SharePoint Online can be used for business requirements that have a cascading approval system, and can easily automate your approval workflow with the required SharePoint Add-Ins.

A sequential workflow is one example of a SharePoint Online approval workflow with multiple approvers. For example, if you are creating an online purchase approval workflow with multiple approvers, there would be multiple levels of approvals for the request. This can be achieved using the Approval process using Microsoft Power Automate and SharePoint Online with the required SharePoint Add-Ins. You can get in touch with us for you SharePoint Online workflow development needs, and we would partner with you on that.

Our SharePoint Support and Maintenance Services ensure that your SharePoint applications continue to run seamlessly and integrate with your business needs. From routine troubleshooting to complex integration services, we offer a complete support and maintenance service for your business needs.
Our SharePoint consulting and development services offer bespoke development services for application development, integrations, and intranet development. We offer consulting services for diverse SharePoint development needs.

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