Simplify creation of search driven Catalog solution through dynamically configurable set of web parts

Q-Catalog provides a dynamically configurable set of web parts to provide a Catalog driven Search and Results summary view connected to a related item detail view. Q-Catalog leverages SharePoint List and Library structures for master data and provides a uniquely customized user interface that connects catalog view to relevant item details.


Q-Catalog is comprised of 3 SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts, as listed below:

  Q-Catalog Master: Displays summary catalog information in a tile view with search capability

  Q-Catalog Details: Displays detailed information for an item in a configurable Rich Text Field

  Q-Catalog Details Grid View: Displays detailed information for an item in a configurable grid

To learn more, contact qcatalogsales@quadrionus.com

Grow your business faster

Q-Catalog is the perfect solution for creating:

  • Product Catalog
  • Building and Construction Management System
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Services Catalog
  • Automobile
  • Travel and Tourism
  • E-Learning and Training
  • And many more…

Benefit from innovative and intuitive attributes

Key Features of Q-Catalog are:

  • Leverage existing SharePoint List and Library content to quickly build a catalog
  • Enhance graphical data through refined and rich visualization
  • Automatic linking of the refined results set and item details
  • Provide infinitely customizable user experiences through dynamic field tokens within an item details template
  • Compatible with embedded SharePoint Tabs within Microsoft Teams

Highly secure to ensure safety of your business

Q-Catalog is a Microsoft Certified SharePoint App package comprising of SPFx web parts which are pre-installed in each customer’s App Catalog and SharePoint CDN (Content Delivery Network). To further ensure security:

  • Business data remains within your environment
  • No intellectual property is acquired, transmitted or stored by Quadrion
  • Data exchange between customer and Quadrion is limited to licensing information only

Easy to own

Q-Catalog is offered as an annual license-based subscription for the ease of customers. The convenient subscription plan offers:

  • Tenant level licensing which can be used across any Site
  • Users based pricing.
  • A free 30-day trial is offered to test the solution.

Customers are welcome to try Q-Catalog for Free for first 30 days

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To know more about Q-Catalog, reach our Sales Representatives at our Toll free Number – 1833 – Quadrion or (833)-7823746 or email us @ info@quadrionus.com.