Process Automation


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Manual, repetitive processes can be wasteful by draining useful productive time. Automate processes that integrate with your business workflows to augment employees’ efforts and add business value. Microsoft Flow enables automation with its process automation capabilities.

Advantages of Process Automation

Explore Diverse Possibilities

Process Automation can automate a single routine task or handle a complex series of steps in a single workflow triggered by a defined event.


Automate workflows to send emails, trigger SMS alerts, schedule activities, update fields in Dynamics 365 to optimize use of time and resources.

Reduce Time for processing

Experience reduced processing times as compared to manual workflow processing to gain a value driven advantage.

Streamline Workflows

Improve efficiency by integrating various data sources and providing a unified approach to performing workflows.

Reduce Errors

Eliminate human errors, as the process is automated and follows a uniform approach.

Types of Process Automation Solutions
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Digital Process Automation

API based connectors link with external applications to access data and provide the required functionality. Power Automate solutions help you explore endless possibilities of data connectivity to various applications.

Robotic Process Automation

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you can create automation sequences that follow the actions that an end-user would take, which could be filling a form or performing repetitive and iterative tasks.

What Quadrion offers?

Our Process Automation services meet your dedicated business goals with seamless integration across all channels. They give you the needed automation for your business growth while yielding higher ROI.

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