Process Automation

Process Automation

Drive Intelligent Enterprise

Drive your business forward by simplifying and automating your workflows with Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform help teams develop more efficient processes to increase business productivity.

This can involve automating a single routine task or handling a complex series of steps in a single workflow triggered by a defined event. With automated workflows configured to send emails, trigger SMS alerts, schedule activities, update fields and complete many other processes in Dynamics 365, your business process can help you achieve maximum benefits at very low costs.

Quadrion guides you through your legacy migration to process automation that helps you achieve digital transformation and become an intelligent enterprise. This allows you to innovate better, boost customer service and satisfaction, empower employees, and increase revenues and profits.

At Quadrion, we take great care to ensure a process automation that provides the most benefits with the lowest cost and least disruption.

What we offer

  • Leverage the newest capabilities of PowerApps to finally migrate off of your legacy InfoPath Forms
  • Streamline processes by developing complex workflows with Microsoft Flow

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