Artificial Intelligence

BI and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Rapidly accelerating technology innovations impact businesses and their eco systems that comprise the workforce, customers, and partners.

Quadrion delivers an intelligence driven experience by coupling BI and Analytics with Artificial intelligence.

Our experts harness AI to effortlessly process seemingly infinite amounts of data, leverage its exponentially high computational power to deliver to our customers, solutions that provide an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Leveraging AI in Business

Quadrion seeks to help solve business challenges that were previously considered unsolvable. With AI algorithms it is possible to process exponential volumes of data to extract knowledge and discover patterns that offer never-before actionable insights to business.

The potential of AI lies in its power to simulate human intelligence traits like learning, problem solving and decision making, and yet be unencumbered by human limitation and other failings.

Within the realm of AI, experts at Quadrion draw on Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and combinations of both, to develop value added solutions. We use ML to create algorithms that help to automate processes, and NLP to interpret language-based solutions while apps such as chatbots use both concepts.

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Key Areas for the Application of AI


What Quadrion can do with AI

How AI can help/Business Case

The applications of AI are limitless but there are some which are commonly used.

How does AI help?/ Impact of AI

Quadrion services for Business Process Enrichment with AI:

  • Business communication automation. Quadrion helps you replace your human agents with Chatbots, virtual assistants and BI bots. These help in routine Q&A conversations, interaction with customers through online chats, email marketing, and social media messaging leaving your human resources to focus on qualified leads.
  • Deliver personalized shopping experience. We can help you leverage AI-driven data insights collated from studying customer purchasing patterns to deliver targeted selling. These inputs can be collected from both offline and online purchase records.
  • AI -powered automation for contactless operations. Automated hotel check-ins, office, and factory attendance records etc., are the flavor of the times we live in. Make safety and hygiene the priority through contactless transactions Quadrion delivers with AI powered solutions.
  • Boost operational efficiency. Use AI to Automate standard processes such as inventory management and benefit from enhanced reliability and error free output.
  • Forecast better. Quadrion’s predictive modelling techniques help you predict sales volumes, inventory numbers, and product demands at higher levels of accuracy and precision.
  • Real-time help. Provide personalized help with AI-powered mobile apps to customers. The modern remote workspace drives the demand for constant support anywhere and anytime. Our AI approach powered mobile apps promise to deliver exactly that.
  • Sales performance evaluation through dashboards. Sales is the lifeblood of any organization and leadership needs to keep a close watch on it. Quadrion solutions offer real time tracking, monitoring and performance assessments through single pane interfaces.

Quadrion Offering

The purpose of AI is to augment and extend human capabilities. We help businesses deploy AI to create solutions that are intelligent, reliable, quick, and scalable. Want to know more? Get in touch with us below.

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