Custom Business Solutions

Microsoft Custom Business Solutions Consulting Services

Expedite Business Processes with Microsoft Custom Solutions

Whether supporting existing applications or developing new solutions, Quadrion can provide you with the right SDLC-based team to solve your business needs.

Leverage the Microsoft technology stack including .NET, SQL Server and SharePoint.

Our analysts and engineers can create the software processes and systems integration your users require.

.NET Solutions

Web-based .NET solutions, using the latest in UI design, along with SQL Server data stores can provide the software solutions that empower your users and provide the information they need. Our SDLC process and teams of technology specialists ensure business requirements are properly vetted and met.

SharePoint Apps

Leveraging SharePoint as an application development platform can speed the time to production by providing the UI and security framework. Unleash the full force of SharePoint through Quadrion and build a foundation for your enterprise application architecture.

Microsoft Forms and Workflow Process

Working with partners such as Nintex allows Quadrion to implement powerful forms and workflow processes. These processes integrate people and data throughout your organization to create efficient work streams that are transparent and manageable.

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