Roadmap Planning

Microsoft Cloud Migration Envisioning and Roadmaps

Strategic Plans. Winning Results

Microexcel’s Microsoft practice provides deep expertise in evaluating the cloud strategy of your Microsoft technology stack and can guide in outlining a vision and roadmap for the future. When it comes to migrating to the cloud, organizations that go in blind without a well-documented plan or roadmap can run into unforeseen risks, scope creep, and never-ending change requests that can be costly.

As a global services provider that helps customers in their Microsoft Cloud Migration journey, Microexcel leverages best practices for envisioning and planning for the smoothest cloud migration of Microsoft workloads and supports organizations that are looking to either start small with enhancing adoption and user experience as an example or need help with larger initiatives such as completely re-imagining architecture, automation, functionality and navigation.

As part of our Microsoft Cloud Migration roadmap strategy, we offer a leading assessment workshop that evaluates the current state of your technology stack and the cloud environment and gets you up and running fast with a detailed cloud migration plan and roadmap aligning to your business needs.

The graphic below identifies high-level steps that are taken within each stage of the Microsoft Cloud Migration assessment. The amount of days/duration may vary depending on the complexity of the requirements.

  1. Kickoff/Review

    Reviewing Business requirements and Engaging stakeholders through facilitated discussions

  2. Discovery

    Discovery around existing business solutions and processes and discussion around buy versus build

  3. Envisioning

    Detailed review and identification of infrastructure, requirements and control processes

  4. Planning

    Identification of roadblocks, outlining the remidiation plan and building prioritization strategy

  5. Evaluation/POC

    Reporting based on findings from the sessions, knowledge transfer and completing the deployment plan


Customers can quickly take advantage of this workshop by leveraging Software Assurance and Microsoft Planning Vouchers to offset initial costs

The Microsoft Cloud Migration Envisioning and Roadmaps Assessment Workshop provides the following deliverables

  • Roadmap diagram detailing out a 1-3 year plan to roll out solutions for various Microsoft workloads such as Exchange online or SharePoint Online, etc…
  • Roadmap will consist of internal and external resource needs, broad timelines as well as vendor pricing.
  • Help develop customer experience plan to drive adoption and mitigate change management.

Looking for SharePoint On-premise to Online Roadmap?

With a SharePoint Online Roadmap engagement, Microexcel delivers:

  • An assessment document which provides visibility into the solutions and uses of the products which exist within your environment today.
  • Proposal to implement/deploy the required solution based on the assessment and roadmap.
  • Roadmap planning document which provides recommendations on additional products, solutions and functionality, along with a go-forward version and architecture.

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